Let your guests be the masters of their own froyo creations!

First they pick a flavor (or a few),  then they fill their cup with any combination of toppings you picked. We offer just about every topping you can think of from fresh fruit and chocolate chips to animal crackers and mochi.

Zoyo Catering Drop-Off Pricing

Pricing is per 8oz cup of yogurt.

20-50 cups:   $7 per cup    |    Your choice of up to 5 Toppings

51-100 cups:   $6.50    |    Your choice of up to 5 Toppings

  100+ cups:               $5.75    |    Your choice of up to 10 Toppings

A $25 delivery fee is added to each order

Zoyo Catering Full-Service Pricing

Pricing per cup for full-service catering uses the same tiered structure as Zoyo drop-off catering and is subject to a Mixologist staffing charge.

Choose from your favorite flavors:

Chocolate, Vanilla, Zoatmeal, Cake Batter and Salted Caramel are some of our staples. We also always have at least one sugar free option and one dairy free option available to accomodate most dietary preferences.

Choose from your favorite toppings:

Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries,  you name it!