Fundraising in Troy

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Zoyo Neighborhood Yogurt’s commitment to the Troy community and surrounding area is strong and evident through its frozen yogurt fundraising opportunities for schools, community organizations, and sports teams.   Find out more below or contact us for more information.

Raise money for your organization with a frozen yogurt bar with Zoyo Neighborhood Yogurt fundraising


In-Store Events

Many groups of varying sizes have benefitted from Zoyo’s in-store catering events because it can be an easy way for groups to raise funds for specific events or needs.  For an in-store event, choose a day, Monday through Thursday and it is YOUR official day. We provide flyers and graphics for you to print and share with your supporters with all the details of your fundraiser. On the day of your fundraiser, your supporters come in, create a delicious Zoyo frozen yogurt creation and then mention the fundraiser at the register.  It’s as easy as that!  20% of the proceeds that your organization brings will go back to your organization within one week. 

Event-Based Fundraising

If you’re hosting an event and you would like to utilize the opportunity to add an additional stream of income to your event with a fundraiser, our event-based service will work well..  During an event-based fundraiser, we pre-portion cups of various popular yogurt flavors, as well as an assortment of toppings and serve your attendees when they purchase a cup.  A portion of the proceeds for each cup sold is returned back to you within a week, and more often than not, it is returned to you the day of the event.  This service brings the fun experience of a frozen yogurt bar to your event without the hassle of needing extra volunteers and adds an exciting feature to your event that guests will remember.

Past Successful Events-Based Fundraisers

Not quite sure an event-based fundraiser would be successful for your group? Attributes of a successful event-based fundraiser include an event with high attendance, especially kids, students and families, a specific gathering area where the majority of your attendees will visit, and an event that lasts for several hours. Past successful events include:

  • High School Band Festivals
  • Wrestling Tournaments
  • Cheerleading District Championships
  • Car Shows
  • Charity Athletic Events

Schedule Your Event

We ask for 48 hours notice for event-based fundraising and 1 week’s notice for in-store fundraising.  For in-store fundraising events, your supporters need adequate notice and at least one week notice is best, if not more.  

To schedule your event, either call 248.817.5392 or email j.verbeke(at) Or if you’d prefer stop by the store and provide your information, our staff will be able to set-up your fundraising event.  Grab a cup of froyo while you’re in too.