Zoyo’s First How Do You Froyo At Zoyo WINNER!

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Emily Verbeke

How Do You Froyo At Zoyo? That is the question of the summer at all of the Zoyo locations. Do you froyo with everyday favorite flavors like Cake Batter Batter Swing or Salted Caramel or you froyo with “Only At Zoyo” flavors like Zoatmeal Cookie or Aloha Whiplash?

Zoyo fans across the United States have been capturing pictures and videos of their cups of frozen yogurt and using the hashtag #howdoyoufroyoatzoyo to show how they froyo. The first winner of the #howdoyoufroyoatzoyo contest captured her cup of tart and pistachio topped with mochi, mango, strawberry poppers, blueberry poppers, peanuts and fresh blackberries because she likes sweet and sour combinations. She also likes to get enough in her cup so that she can enjoy half and save half for later.

HDYFAZ First Winner

You can have a chance to win your own $50 Zoyo gift card when you take a picture or video of your cup of Zoyo frozen yogurt and post it on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #howdoyoufroyoatzoyo. Make sure if you post it on Facebook that you make the photo public, or even easier, post it on the Facebook page of your neighborhood Zoyo.

How Do You Froyo At Zoyo