Graduation Party Frozen Yogurt Catering

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Emily Verbeke
Graduation parties are the Grand Puba of all the parties you will throw in your child’s honor. Give your party a treat that offers something for adults and kids alike and makes the party memorable: a frozen yogurt bar.
Whether you’re looking for something casual or a little more buttoned up, our services will make your party stand out. Cups are delivered pre-filled with the graduate’s favorite flavors and accompanied by 10 toppings of their choosing, making sure that there will be the magic combination of froyo and toppings for everyone at the party.  Check out all of your options at Got something super special in mind? Give us a call at 248-817-5392 and we’ll make it happen.
While yes, cake and potato salad are expected staples at the graduation food feast, cups of award-winning frozen yogurt and toppings chosen specifically for the occasion are not. Make your graduate’s party memorable with Zoyo Neighborhood Yogurt.
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