Meet our Franchisees – Deron Manwaring

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Emily Verbeke

Are franchise businesses small businesses? Not all franchised businesses are small businesses by every Zoyo Neighborhood Yogurt franchise location, including Zoyo in Warsaw and Ft. Wayne are owned and operated by a local small business owner. So in the case of Zoyo, yes they are a local small business and should be celebrated on Small Business Saturday.

Meet Daren Manwaring, local small business owner.


Deron worked his way through the ranks at a publicly traded manufacturing company from customer service representative to national sales and marketing manager before taking on the new challenges of small business ownership.

Deron brings a wealth of expertise from his background in marketing to his two locations in Indiana as well as his ability to build relationships within the public and private sectors in the communities in which his stores do business.  Deron was the first franchisee to join Zoyo Neighborhood Yogurt but he was ready to be his own boss and to be the reason he succeeded or failed.