Zoyo Neighborhood Yogurt announces expansion in Virginia

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Robert Schiller


Phoenix, AZ – (March 2nd, 2015) – Zoyo Neighborhood Yogurt, an Arizona-based self-serve frozen yogurt franchise, has announced that it will be expanding locations in Virginia in 2015.  The opening of the first Zoyo in Suffolk, VA has proved the concept in Virginia and triggers the next phase to be implemented, which is expansion of restaurants.

The Suffolk Zoyo Neighborhood Yogurt has been a great foundation for the brand, “the customers in the Hampton Roads area have been great in embracing Zoyo as the neighborhood gathering place for yogurt” commented Isaura Ramirez, Zoyo franchisee for the Virginia Market.  Isaura is a retired Army Captain who chose Zoyo as a business to transition her military career to the public sector.  Isaura’s husband, Armando Velasquez is a recent Army retiree who is also involved in the family business.  Zoyo Suffolk will be celebrating their 1st year in business in March 2015.

“Zoyo delivers an experience unlike any other frozen yogurt shop,” said Robert Schiller, Chief Executive Officer of Zoyo Neighborhood Yogurt.  “We serve the highest quality ingredients and toppings, and provide a relaxed atmosphere that encourages friends and families to mingle and unwind.  In every market, our goal is to be an evening ritual for the community and we couldn’t be more excited to begin our Virginia expansion in 2015.”

Zoyo has a strategic growth plan that is very different from other franchises and uses a detailed formula for the specific markets that it has targeted for growth.  Rather than expand everywhere and focus on number of stores, Zoyo has a sustainable business model that seeks to develop a proof of concept for yogurt in markets that meet certain criteria that has been formulated on demographics, customer preferences and neighborhood presence.

Zoyo will be conducting site selection for Alexandria, Charlottesville, Norfolk, Richmond and Virginia Beach, VA with consideration given to other markets in Virginia as well.  Single unit and multi-unit franchise candidates are being assessed for awarding franchises in these communities in 2015 and Zoyo is forecasting the opening of up to five (5) units in 2015 and seven (7) units in 2016.

About Zoyo Neighborhood Yogurt 

Zoyo Neighborhood Yogurt is an Arizona-based, self-serve frozen yogurt franchise with 10 locations across the metro-Phoenix area, as well as locations in Georgia, Indiana, Michigan, Texas, and Virginia. Founded in 2010, Zoyo is a neighborhood gathering place where friends and family can get together over a cup of delicious, premium quality frozen yogurt.  Zoyo’s selection of frozen yogurt flavors is constantly changing, and includes everything from classic flavors like Pistachio or Cookies & Cream, to original creations like Zoatmeal Cookie and Peanut Butter & Jelly. also have 45 toppings to choose from, which range from fresh fruit, to chocolate candies and decadent caramel syrup.

In addition to the countless yogurt and topping combinations available at Zoyo, the frozen yogurt is carefully crafted to contain high levels of beneficial live and active yogurt cultures and to provide a great source of nutrients such as protein, calcium, potassium, B12 and Riboflavin. Whether frozen yogurt is a component of your health regimen or you’re simply trying to satisfy a sweet tooth, Zoyo has something for everyone, all housed under one clean, friendly, and relaxed roof.