Free yogurt for Mom at Zoyo Neighborhood Yogurt on Mother’s Day!!!

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Robert Schiller


Celebrate Mother’s Day at Zoyo Neighborhood Yogurt with a free frozen yogurt for your MOM!

For all she does for you, CELEBRATE Mother’s Day on Sunday-May 10th at Zoyo Neighborhood Yogurt.  Bring your mom into any Zoyo Neighborhood Yogurt across the country and we will CELEBRATE by giving your mom a free* frozen yogurt with no coupon needed.  Check for the hours and location of the store nearest you!

Mom will love choosing from delicious yogurt flavors like Va Va Vanilla, Salted Caramel, Cake Batter, Batter Swing, or one of the many proprietary flavors that Zoyo Neighborhood Yogurt rotates on a regular basis.  Or mom can try our Flavor of the Month, which is Strawberry Margarita, a sorbet that is non-dairy and is a Zoyo favorite amongst our many loyal customers.  With all the toppings that are available, mom is sure to create her own “Mother’s Day – Dessert Creation” at Zoyo Neighborhood Yogurt.

Bring your whole family to Zoyo Neighborhood Yogurt and CELEBRATE Mothers’ Day with your neighborhood and our amazing team members.  Zoyo is all about CELEBRATION and our locations provide an inviting, open space to bring your family and friends to celebrate everything in life.  We pride ourselves on being the place our customers go when someone scores the big goal, gets a good grade, a place to go on a date or just to pick up a healthy treat after your daily workout.

* Offer Details:  The Mother’s Day offer is for Sunday-May 10th, 2015 only and is good for up to $3.00 yogurt, which is over 6oz.  Customer is responsible for any taxes and there is no cash value to this offer.

About Zoyo Neighborhood Yogurt 

Zoyo Neighborhood Yogurt is an Arizona-based, self-serve frozen yogurt franchise with 13 locations across the metro-Phoenix area, as well as locations in Georgia, Indiana, Michigan, Texas, and Virginia. Founded in 2010, Zoyo is a neighborhood gathering place where friends and family can get together over a cup of delicious, premium quality frozen yogurt.  Winner of the Best of Phoenix for Frozen Yogurt the past four years and the Taste of Troy winner in Detroit this year.  Zoyo’s selection of frozen yogurt flavors is constantly changing.  Flavor selections include everything from classic flavors like Pistachio or Cookies & Cream, to original creations like Zoatmeal Cookie and Peanut Butter & Jelly. also have 45 toppings to choose from, which range from fresh fruit, to chocolate candies and decadent caramel syrup.

In addition to the countless yogurt and topping combinations available at Zoyo, the frozen yogurt is carefully crafted to contain high levels of beneficial live and active yogurt cultures and to provide a great source of nutrients such as protein, calcium, potassium, B12 and Riboflavin. Whether frozen yogurt is a component of your health regimen or you’re simply trying to satisfy a sweet tooth, Zoyo has something for everyone, all housed under one clean, friendly, and relaxed roof.  At Zoyo Neighborhood Yogurt, we are always asking “What are you Celebrating today at Zoyo”?